The Viper & Brad Grobler - Living It Our Way - Release Date: Sept. 1 

Artist: The Viper & Brad Grobler
Album title: Living It Our Way
Cat nr: UV005
Release date: September 1, 2023

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of euphoria? Stay tuned for the drop of Living It Our Way and get ready to experience the ultimate musical high! 🎉🎶🕺💃 Get ready for a euphoric journey through sound with Living It Our Way, the latest release by The Viper and Brad Grobler! Whether you're on the dancefloor or in your own space, let the uplifting vibes of this happy hardcore masterpiece remind…

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Myra Bro & Brad Grobler - Time After Time (Dance Cover) 

Out Now -  'Time After Time' (Cyndi Lauper DanceVersion)
Produced and mixed by: Brad Grobler
Vocals By: Myra Bro & Brad Grobler

Stream and Listen Here:
Myra Bro (Spotify Profile):
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Myra Bro:
I’m a singer/songwriter based in The Netherlands. Music was…

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